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Viva! or Vegetarians' International Voice for Animals, is a British animal rights group, which focuses on promoting vegetarianism and veganism. It was founded by Juliet Gellatley in 1994. Viva! carries out undercover investigations to expose the abuse of factory farmed animals and produces information on how to go vegetarian and vegan including recipes and shopping guides. It is registered at Companies House as a private company limited by guarantee, with company number 01787309.


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Viva! is based in Bristol, with a branch office in Poland. The group is an active campaigning organisation, working on issues such as factory farming and slaughter. Campaigns include End Factory Farming, Eat Green, Foie-Gras free Britain, Exotic Meat, Ban the Farrowing Crate, Dark Side of Dairy and youth campaigns including The Big Coverup.

Viva! organizes the biannual national "Incredible Veggie Roadshow" in London, along with other regional roadshows across the UK designed to help people become vegetarian or vegan. In addition to producing leaflets, guides, reports, websites and other materials, the group publishes a triannual journal entitled Viva! LIFE, which includes recent research and campaign information, as well as vegan recipes. Viva! enjoys the patronage of numerous well-known entertainers, including Martin Shaw, Heather Mills, Michael Mansfield QC, Jerome Flynn, Hayley Mills and Paul McCartney.[1][2]

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