Template:Infobox person Lee Hall (born c. 1961) is an American lawyer whose published work includes a number of articles on migration, anti-terrorism legislation, and detentions. Hall, who has taught immigration law at Rutgers University, is also associated with the nonhuman rights movement, and is vice-president of legal affairs for the international advocacy group, Friends of Animals (founded in 1957).[1] She is also currently at Vermont Law School researching climate change issues.[2]

The combined interests in human and nonhuman rights that run through Hall's writings focus on the culture of the cage, and the concept of transcending it.


  • On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth (Nectar Bat Press, 2010) ISBN 0-9769159-3-6
  • Capers in the Churchyard: Animal Rights Advocacy in the Age of Terror (Nectar Bat Press, 2006) ISBN 0-9769159-1-X
  • with Priscilla Feral. Dining With Friends: The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine (Nectar Bat Press, 2005) ISBN 0-9769159-0-1
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